Monday, 18 August 2014

A new linky party: Monday Makers!

Monday is the beginning of a new week but it is not always welcomed by many people including me! I find it hard to get up and motivate myself for the new day and week.
I have terrible Mondayitis which start on Sunday afternoons. Having said that, I don't even work on Mondays, yet I get Mondayitis! I normally don't want to do anything other than bludging around in the house in my PJs and drinking tea. I don't even want to sew! Thank God I have a two year old in the house who pushes me to move my bum a little! Anyways.
I decided that I must break this cycle somehow. I had been thinking about ways to make myself active and productive. I start work on Wednesdays and for the rest of the week, I deeply regret that I have wasted my Monday by doing nothing. This is when the idea kicked in: Monday Makers!
Monday Makers! is a linky party which will go live every Monday as of next Monday, 25 August to motivate myself and you to be more active and creative on that day. So, each Monday, I will ask you to link and share your Monday project with me here and I will show you what I have in my plate. I will also feature one or two blogs here.
Here are the party rules:
Your project can be anything you start on that Monday as long as it makes you move and be active and creative: a new quilt, a knitting project, scrap booking, cross-stitching, baking-we don't mind yummy recipes!, a gardening project, painting your house!, tidying up the pantry!...This is your Monday and you are the maker of the day!
Grab the button from the side bar- I am still working on creating an HTML code to make it easier for you- or put a link back to me in your Monday post.
Please link to your specific post, not to your homepage: We would like to find your post easily.
Please take time to visit other links and leave a sweet comment: We love comments!
Share the photos of your finished Monday projects in your next link up- I am hoping you will come back again!: Who doesn't love a sweet, finished project or a "before-after" photo?
You don't have to be a follower of my blog, however; I wouldn't say no if you wanted to become one :-) Join and share as often as you want.

This is a challenge that I designed particularly for myself but I would love you to take part in it and be a part of curing the Mondayitis!

Till next time, keep sewing!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Back to sewing: New Wave

It's been almost a month since my last blog post; think it is time to write a new one ;-)

I had a very close friend from Turkey who stayed with us, so I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. My friends don't visit me often so this time was well spent with her.
I have also been quite busy with preparing for opening a small business. Getting an ABN, opening up bank accounts, developing a business plan, logo design and lots of other things take a lot of time. I will be writing more about my business in the following weeks once my stock arrives- it is a jewellery business ;-)
Among all these busy days, I managed to do some sewing.
I made this cute purse for my Turkish friend as a farewell gift.
The pattern owner is a fellow quilter from my MQG. I made a couple of mistakes on the way so my purse turned out a little smaller than how it should have been; yet it is still very cute and definitely usable. You can buy the "Girlfriend's Wallet" at or
I also started a new quilt last weekend. I had these beautiful fabrics which I bought months ago without a project in mind. I had been looking for a pattern which would show the beauty of the fabrics. Elizabeth Hartman's "New Wave" is perfect for this purpose so I went ahead with it.
You will remember my archenemy triangles which stretched and caused me too much pain. This time I starched the hell out of these fabrics before I cut the tumblers; there is no stretching or whatsoever!  I finished sewing the sashing last night and laid my pieces on my design wall. I am very happy with how it looks so far. The colours are so bright and modern.
You can find the free tutorial for Elizabeth Hartman's "New Wave" here.

Linking up with Freshly Pieced  for the WIP Wednesday.

What have you been working on lately? Have you been sewing or working on other things like me?
Till next time,

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sewing keeps me sane

I have been sewing late at nights for the last few days. I noticed it has helped me a lot with coping with the loss of my brother-in-law.
I finished two small projects a couple of days ago. I waited for a sunny day to take photos and today is the perfect day.
This is the July block for do.Good stitches Cherish circle. It is my turn this month so I chose this block made with an improv technique. You can find the tutorial here. The only thing I didn't follow in this tutorial is that I didn't use a foundation square. I have to say that I am in love with this block and am looking forward to receiving the blocks that other bee members make.
I realised that with each project I make with this technique, I am drawn to it more and more and my love for modern quilts grows. I also feel like I am now more certain about what I like and what I want to make.
I also finished the tote bag. It is fully lined. You can have a look how I quilted the panels here. It can stand by itself since I used utility fabric as the backing fabric when quilting. I made it quite big; I always carry lots of crap in my hand bag and this tote has lots of space to put more crap in. I quite like the green band I added and I adore the button! Looking forward to using it!
Bag stats:
Fabric: Michale Miller- Tweet birdie tweet
Width:12" bottom and 17" top
Hight: 14"
Depth: 4 "
Handles: 27"

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What projects did you manage to finish last week? Big or small, a quilt or a pin cushion?
Till next time,
Keep sewing!