Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Makers! #4

Hi there!
Welcome to Monday Makers! #4.

I wasn't well last week so I haven't done any sewing or quilting. I am just hoping that with the weather getting warmer, all this cold and flu will leave me and my family alone for at least six months!
The weather was beautiful yesterday so we did some gardening on the plot we rent at the community garden which is just a kilometre away from our house. We have been renting this plot for almost a year now but only today we had a chance to go and prepare the dirt for planting.
 Spring has sprung!
While we were removing the grass and weed on our plot, my son enjoyed digging up some dirt in a neighbouring plot :)
 Following "the daddy" to the compost!
 Taking a little rest after some hard work :)

Now to Monday Makers!
I am making some simple quilted zipper pouches today. I have had some lovely Michael Miller fabric. Because the fabrics' width is quite narrow I've decided to turn them into zipper pouches. By this way, I will be utilising the stray zippers I have.
 I have already prepared the ends of my first zipper. I love this coral. So bright and cheerful.

Now it is your time to show us what you are making today!
Your project can be anything you start on that Monday as long as it makes you move and be active and creative: a new quilt, a knitting project, scrap booking, cross-stitching, baking-we don't mind yummy recipes!, a gardening project, painting your house!, tidying up the pantry!...This is your Monday and you are the maker of the day!
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Makers! #3

Hi all!
It is another Monday Makers! week. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the participants who linked up in the previous two weeks. Your support means a lot to me. I have visited your pages and collected lots of inspiration to be turned into beautiful projects!

It is time to show you my finished project from last Monday. (Apologies in advance for such crappy photos.)
Here is my modern but very retro table topper :-) It is 24.5"x18.5".
I love the colours and the patterns of the fabric!
This table topper is also the very first project which I proudly used my brand tag, so it is special :-)
It is a pity that my tag is displayed on the side where the binding stitches are horrible! Seriously, I think the stitching of the binding of this table topper is the worst I have ever done. I can see myself re-doing it very soon!

Unfortunately, I don't have a new project for this week. I came down with a very bad cold and the headache is making everything worse. 

Now, please link up your Monday project and your finishes from the previous weeks. I am looking forward to seeing them!
P.S The collection still shows the previous linkers. I found out that I need to upgrade my membership on Inlinkz, so will sort this out by the next week.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tutorial: CD coasters

Here is a quick tutorial for the CD coasters I made last week. You should give it a go. It is a a, quick, easy and fun project!

What you need:
CDs- as many as you need for your set. I used six.
Your choice of fabric- I used a fat quarter but I had to piece the last two coasters to be able to make the whole set out of the same fabric.
Glue- I used Elmer's School Glue
Pen to trace around the CD
Bias binding
Other basic quilting supplies

How to make the coasters:
1. First, trace around your CD on to the batting and cut two pieces per CD.
2. Then, place your CDs on to your fabric. Allow at least 1/2" on either sides and top and bottom. You need this because when you quilt it, it will shrink a little. Now, cut out your squares; two per CD.
3. Put the circle batting you cut out on to one of your squares and quilt it as you desire. You can pin the batting to the fabric on one place just to prevent the batting from shifting. I did straight stitching.
4. Now, lightly glue your quilted piece and place a CD over it. 
 5. Again, lightly glue the CD and place another piece of batting over it.
6. Again, and one last time, glue your fabric lightly and place a square fabric over it. Gently press and leave it aside for a while to dry. 
This is the first time I have used glue on fabric and am quite happy with it. You don't need to apply lots to hold your material in place. As you see in the photos, I have only applied two thin circles.
7. Now it is time to sew around the CD. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos in this step, but just now took a quick photo to show the placement of the foot and the CD.)
Use your zipper foot of your machine for this step. 
Do you see how the CD's edge is snugged under the foot? When you place your piece under the zipper foot, feel the edge of the CD before start sewing and sew slowly. Maintain the position by gently pushing your piece towards the foot and turn it slowly as you sew.
You can see in the picture that I sewed one more time around it to get as close as possible.
8. Trim your piece by leaving at least 1/4" seam allowance.
9. Now, you will machine sew the bias binding on the quilted side the same way, hand bind it on to the back and finish it just like how you finish binding your quilt. I used a store-bought bias binding. You can trim the seam allowance a little more if you find the binding is too tight around it and it is difficult to stitch it to the back.
And here is your finished CD coaster! Enjoy it!  
 Please let me know in your comments if you have any questions. 

Till next time, keep sewing!